Women’s Self-Defense Course


Women’s Self-Defense Seminar Course
Presented by
Knoxville Uechiryu Karate School
At Street Beatz Studio
1023 Summer Wood Rd. Knoxville, TN

              Women and children (10 and up accompanied by a parent) are welcome and encouraged to participate in our school’s 5 week self-defense seminar.
Unfortunately, it is crucial you and your children are prepared in the event of a “worst case scenario”. According to statistics 1 in 6 women have been a victim of sexual violence or attempted violence. Sadly, children as young as 12 are among the highest risk of sex related crimes.
Human Trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. It’s believed that approximately 20 million people are being bought and sold (over 2 million being children, girls and boys alike). As agencies around the world are trying to make the world a safer place, you can make yourself safer personally, and your family as well, by learning to become more aware of your surroundings, and learning how and when you should fight back.
Just as an alarm system protects your home, learning self-defense helps protect you and your loved ones. And like protecting your home, don’t wait until you’re a victim to learn how to protect yourself. Do it today.
We have discussed the need for self-defense, but why learn from us? Here is why;

  1. We are a small school and consider our students to be family. We will protect each other as our own children, brothers and sisters. We want you to be a part of our family.
  2. Chief Instructor, Sensei Bob Noel and his senior student/instructors have over 70 years of combined training and teaching martial arts.
  3. Most self-defense seminars are only 1 day for a few hours and therefore can only teach you very basic techniques. Our course is 5 weeks. You will be shown and participate in real-life situations you may find yourself in and multiple ways to get out of them.
  4. As mentioned above, you will be taught multiple defense tactics to the same scenario. Why? Not everything works on everybody and not everything works for everybody. We want YOU to choose which technique you think will be most effective for YOU (your size, your age, your physical capabilities). YOU can tailor this program to you, then because it is a 5 week course, what you learn Week 1, you get to practice Week 2 while learning something new and so on. Over the course of the seminar you will have had the chance to practice and become more comfortable and confident with each technique. YOU CAN NOT PRACTICE SOMETHING ONCE AND EXPECT TO REMEMBER IT IN A LIFE AND DEATH SITUATION!!!!!
  5. SPOTS ARE LIMITED! Because we are teaching actual scenarios with multiple defense techniques for each and we want you to be able to practice them correctly and safely, we want to have the proper instructor to student ratio so you get the attention you need to feel confident in what you are learning. RSVP today and reserve your spot.
    We hope you will decide to put your trust in us and join us for 5 weeks of SELF-DEFENSE, LEARNING, CONFIDENCE BUILDING and FUN.
    *Subject to Change*
    WEEK 1 OCT 12
    WEEK 2 OCT 26
    WEEK 3 NOV 9
    WEEK 4 NOV 16 (this is a back to back week due to the holiday the following week)
    WEEK 5 NOV 30

Reserve your place in the course now by calling 413-822-5409 or                          Email knoxuechiryu@yahoo.com

We look forward to seeing you on October 12 at 7:00pm

How I started studying karate

David Moore head shot
When I was in my teens, I had to participate in a cultural fair as part of some class in high school. One of my classmates was studying karate. Somehow or another, we hit on the idea of doing a karate demonstration even though I didn’t know any karate. So my classmate took two of us over to the dojo and taught us kyukumite #1. The classmate who knew karate talked through the demo while the other classmate and me did kyukumite #1. I liked the teacher of the dojo (T. Rose) and asked my parents if I could start studying there.
I had multiple reasons for wanting to study. I was bullied a lot as a teenager. I was a large, tall young man. I didn’t like to fight. I wasn’t quick with the retort. I was the perfect target for hormone-fueled teenagers to show how they could put someone down to their friends. Learning karate gave me hope that if I ever did decide to fight back (spoiler alert: I didn’t), maybe I would win. Also, I really liked T. Rose.
I studied karate through high school and achieved green belt if I remember correctly. I went to college and promptly forgot all about it. After college, I returned to Massachusetts to work. I had gained a lot of weight in college. A friend of mine encouraged me to rejoin karate and use it to lose weight. I lost about 40 lbs by just eating reasonably and going to karate 2.5 times per week.
Karate has given me many things. Sanchin kata is a form of meditation for me. Visualizing it can help me weather emotionally intense situations. It helps me stay active. I feel great when I can pass on some of what Bob & T. Rose have taught me to others. So I got into it to learn how to defeat bullies and instead learned to calm my mind and spirit.
If you study karate, what has karate taught you? Drop a line to knoxuechiryu@yahoo.com and share your story with us. If you don’t study karate, maybe you should stop by and try a class with us — see what you get out of it!